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 Meet our Presenters


Pauline O'Connell, Spiritual Medium, is a conduit for your loved ones in spirit. She is able to communicate with spirit and pass the messages on to you. Pauline has been able to communicate with spirit at a very early age. She has helped many find comfort with the loss of a family member and friends. Being a spiritual medium requires always being a student, learning from different teachers, attending workshops, and most importantly listening to the people in front of her. Pauline has been studying with ​International Medium Robert Brown, ​for many years. As a mentor and friend he has opened many doors for her including a recent demonstration in Laguna Hills, CA. In 2004 Pauline became a Reiki Practitioner through the study with Loretta Grabowski. Pauline currently resides in the Glens Falls area and her office is conveniently located minutes from downtown Glens Falls. Pauline will be offering private readings on Saturday, see her Friday after her demo or contact her in advance by email at -  Facebook                                    ​​

Kaitlin Moen is a Wellness Advocate and Independent Consultant with doTERRA International. She offers classes, workshops, and one on one consultations that provide people with valuable information that help them empower themselves and their families with a more natural, affordable, and highly effective mode of healthcare and prevention. Never pressure to "buy!" these classes simply offer free education to natural solutions for those open to learning more and furthering their journey to greater heights of health and wellness.


Holly Maya Marek, BSN MS/MFT, Universal Life Church Minister originating in Connecticut, Holly's personal, professional and Spiritual path has taken her across country to practice Native Shamanic Journeys and across the globe to experience Tibetan Buddhist Culture. It is her passion to share what she has found to be strong hold stepping stones toward the goal of Awakened Consciousness and Enlightment.  Holly is presently enrolled in Delphi University in Georgia, in a three year program working towards her Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing.  Channeling Light Guidance  - 860-670-1136


Patty Brown is a motivator and fitness professional.  She brings her love of fitness, and her passion for helping others to develop a healthier lifestyle to her clients of all ages. She has an extensive background in group fitness and has been certified through AFAA, ACE, and AEA.  Patty is also a Master Trainer in LaBlast Splash Aqua and LaBlast Line Dance and has trained extensively with program creator and Dancing With the Stars Pro Louis van Amstel. She also holds the position of Marketing Director within the LaBlast Fitness LLC companies. In 2006 Patty became licensed as the area's first Zumba Fitness instructor and holds licenses in all of the Zumba specialties. R.I.P.P.E.D. Bootcamp style classes round out her fitness resume.

 Patty is also a positive role model in her community, organizing and leading numerous fitness events for charity including Dance Fundraisers for the CDYMCA, Proctor's Theater. Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, The Bolton Heat Your Neighbor, Bolton Food Bank, and Bolton Health Committee.

A graduate of Siena College, Patty also works in travel and social media. Patty Brown Trendz First in Ftiness - Like on Facebook


Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, and one of America’s most respected motivational speakers. She has trained and presented motivational speeches to thousands of people of all ages, students and adults using her training and leadership methods. Sharon inspires people, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. She enables people to create and recognize their inner and outer Leadership Image. Sharon has created numerous award winning books and programs, has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. She is a high-energy motivational speaker for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, and universities and youth organizations worldwide.

Throughout her career she has been an International Consultant, Educator, Writer and Motivational Speaker. She worked with diverse national corporations and educational institutions before creating her own global companies, Sharon Burstein International - marketing, consulting, public relations, special events and her sportswear company more than 25 years ago. Sharon is highly respected in motivation, professional development and Leadership Image. She is inspirational and motivational in all of life’s pursuits.

Sharon is an award winning author and PR strategist, entrepreneur and owner of several patents. She has developed and produced award-winning television programs and documentaries, and has an extensive media background. She has written numerous articles for the media spanning diverse subjects, published and authored award winning motivational and leadership books and cookbooks.

When not found speaking, writing or consulting, Sharon finds her greatest joy spending quality time with her family and friends.Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, and one of America’s most respected motivational speakers. She has trained and presented motivational speeches to thousands of people of all ages, students and adults using her training and leadership methods. Sharon inspires people, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. She enables people to create and recognize their inner and outer Leadership Image. Sharon has created numerous award winning books and programs, has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. She is a high-energy motivational speaker for corporations, associations, business groups, colleges, and universities and youth organizations worldwide. Sharon Burstein - 

Brandon Dewyea, Image Maven, works with men and women to help them find their own unique, individual style through their apparel for their personal and professional life. Learning how to dress your own body AND feel comfortable and confident is so important. She believes having a fashion­forward appearance allows you to express your individuality through your apparel. She is a huge advocate of exploring your own moxie and feels every wardrobe piece should be kept only if it makes you feel magnificent. Brandon has a wide variety of services from closet edits to image workshops and everything in­between. It brings her great joy to assist an individual discovering their own personal unique style and flair. Brandon is also the founder of the Fundraiser, Moxie Swap, a "Pay It Forward" Style event which supports each woman's’ unique personal style, promotes local businesses and invites individuals to "recycle­up". This exciting undertaking goes hand in hand with her business, Moxie, with all net proceeds supporting the non profit, Wellspring, an organization committed to ending abuse. Brandon is passionate about connecting people and supporting them through their life. Feeling like there was something missing in the community, Brandon and her colleague Frankie Mueller, created a professionals group for women which provides a supportive community and genuine connection without competition. Reaching 800 women in under a year, she is thankful the women are responding to this unique experience. To learn more about Brandon go to: / 518­336­0157 / ​

Cheryl Beckmann & Daniel Roy-All Energy Yoga, Healing, Sound Therapy -Cheryl and Daniel have been offering unique yoga classes, guided meditations, workshops, and healing events that incorporate crystal singing bowls and pyramids in the Albany area for the past four years.  Cheryl is an experienced registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and has over 400 hours of training in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapeutics and Tantra. She has also studied Quantum Touch, crystal healing, and Reiki.  Cheryl believes that yoga and meditation can help heal, calm and transform a person.  She also writes the creative crystalline guided meditations that are offered.

Daniel has been involved in spirituality and healing for over 25 years of his life and learned from his mother who was an established energy and crystal healer in Las Vegas.  Daniel works on an intuitive level and receives messages from Spirit and Higher Beings of Light.  Both Cheryl and Daniel believe that incorporating sound therapy adds another layer of healing by reinstating the natural sense of balance and harmony in the mind and body.  

Gina Clemente ~ is certified Reiki Master Instructor who for more then 15 years has grown as a natural intuitive through the power of Reiki. By practicing a compassionate approach and extended sense perception Gina has become a skilled energy healer. Channeling the gift of Reiki, Gina guides clients in a journey within themselves, opening access to their own ability to heal & grow. 

Gina has taught hundreds men & women across America how to access this natural energy healing technique for their personal and professional use. 

Though blessed to have built a private practice in her hometown of Saratoga Springs NY, Gina loves to bring her passion of Reiki healing wherever it is needed. She's available to teach individually or group settings.  She is member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Visit her website: or call Gina direct at (518) 791-6565.

Her motto: “Be kind. Have a loving approach and always choose faith over fear.”



Andrea Maranville is passionate home cook and baker.  She held a longstanding career in government and politics before pursuing her passion for food.  She is dedicated to sharing and teaching others how to create a healthy lifestyle through food, fitness and positive mindset. When Andrea is not chasing around her children or in the kitchen, she owns her own business as a Diamond health and wellness coach within the Beachbody corporation. She is also the founder and creator of Andrea Maranville: Sweet Life of a Baker.  Andrea lives with her husband and four beautiful children in Central New York.

Andrea Maranville, Diamond Beachbody Coach 518-791-3469 - Facebook


​Brenda Cary Jenks ​is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Therapeutics Practitioner, Feng Shui Consultant,  Transpersonal Counselor, and space clearer. She has been working in the healing arts since 1995, and her practice includes dowsing and entity removal. She has taught and lectured in Adirondack Community College, Bennington College, Key 2 Joy Community Wellness Center, The Art of Reiki in Troy, Massage at Saratoga,   Adirondack Community Acupuncture, Saratoga Continuing Education, and the Caldwell, Johnsburg, and Mechanicville Public Libraries. - Facebook

Sheila Duerr is a yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years.   Her classes integrate traditional yogic breathe and hatha yoga, combined with a dynamic yoga flow to help promote increased concentration, strength and flexibility. 

Anita Filbeck  Anita Filbeck is a Registered Nurse, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Certified Radiant You Instructor,& Certified Hoopyogini Instructor, and is well versed in the art of aromatherapy utilizing essential oils in combination with body work while connecting with the Angelic Realm to bring forth a message for you.

Anita is a natural born teacher who inspires, mentors and empowers women in midlife to connect to their true essence, have a renewed sense of purpose and live life with joy and ease. She is the founder of Radiant Health for Mind Body Heart, a private studio that she was inspired to create as an oasis for women that exudes an atmosphere of peace, love and harmony.

Anita can be reached @ 518-588-5046, anita_hoops

Tanya Porter is a Health Coach and Healthy Living Strategist.  She runs a company called Purposeful Passionate Living, LLC and works with women to support them with having their internal beauty be reflected on the external.  This is done through taking a holistic approach with each individual by looking at food, exercise, spirituality, career, and relationships.  Women become empowered to step into their truth in confidence through conference calls, workshops, and one-on-one meetings, with retreats on the horizon.  She is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and women’s empowerment, and supports women in healing themselves and bringing vibrancy back into their lives.  She firmly believes we’re on this earth to thrive and not just survive.  Join her on your journey of living wholeheartedly with more energy, health, and vitality in your everyday life.  (315) 681-3791 or by email at

Amie Guyette Hall  “As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  As a teacher, I put YOUR hands into the garden and into YOUR kitchen.” Amie Guyette Hall is known as “The Square Foot Gardening Health Coach” connecting individuals, children and families to their food, their community and the land…one square foot at a time. A Certified Holistic Health Coach and member of the American Association of Drugless Practicioners (AADP), she is a 2007 Graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Considered a grassroots activist, Amie combines her experience and ease of food and cooking with her work as Education Director with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation.  She was personally mentored by its founder, Mel Bartholomew. Realizing the importance of expanded global reach, Amie led the way as visionary to help write, launch and teach their online instructor certification course.  Her nutrition school’s mission to “create a ripple effect that improves the health and happiness of the world” goes hand in hand with the SFGF’s mission to “end world hunger.” Through grant writing efforts and endless energy, Amie has been instrumental in creating school gardens strongly rooted to curriculum. She works closely with all ages and abilities, including Adults on the Autism Spectrum and Boy Scouts.  Her love of the North Country finds her on Lake George in the Summer, and drawn to the trails at Gore Mountain in the Winter.  Amie lives in Fairfield, CT with her always positive husband of 31 years. FromYourInsideout - CacaoGirlChocolate

Nicole Mastroianni is a Certified Integrative Health and Expressive Arts Practitioner. Trained in transformational movement, she studied for her Masters of Arts in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard College. Nicole founded Serenity Love Healing Arts Institute for Women in 2011 with a mission to educate women about mindfulness, self care and expressive arts for healing and transformation.  Using mind-body connection, individuals discover the power held within. Nicole encourages women to explore who they want to be using body awareness, emotion and creativity. Nicole Mastroianni, - 518-331-4375 -

Warren MacNaughton, LA chas been a NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomat in Acupuncture since 1999. He is a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM and of Chakra Traditional Thai Massage School in Hadrin, Thailand. Warren has also apprenticed in Chengdu, China and has informally studied with Tibetan monks at the Litang Monastery. His specialties include fertility/reproductive wellness, pregnancy and menopause, pain management, Balance Method of Dr. Tan, and herbal medicine. Warren owns Adirondack Community Acupuncture and his goal is to provide affordable, high quality acupuncture accessible to provide effective, holistic healthcare that builds community, breaks down class divisions and enriches the health of our community. With the hop that more people will seek out this natural medicine as a means of maintaining WELLNESS and harnessing the innate healing power of the body to minimize the need and use of pharmaceuticals and surgeries in the pursuit of health. - 518-791-1779

​Deborah Neary, Photographer - Born in Plymouth England, she enjoyed a childhood amidst the beauty of the New Forest and South Coast. Feeling a sense of well-being and peace while walking with family in the forests and swimming in the English Channel, her love of Nature started young, along with interests and passion for the arts.

She received diplomas in Art and Photography from Bournemouth College of Art and Design, then relocated to London to work with fashion and music video photographers for five years. She is now a professional photographer in Saratoga Springs, New York and is known for her Woman in Nature photography and her relaxed approach to creating images for her clients.

Deborah loves the unique and special offerings of this beautiful place, and the enduring friendships – both personal and professional – that have blessed her life., 518 584 1082, FB Woman in Nature

Testimonial: This summer I saw my mom age, my first daughter leave for college. For the first time I was needed by old and young.
It gave me a sense of my feminine ancestry. From before my mother, through me, to my two daughters. I wanted to capture its feelings of courage, humor and sensual power. Two days of heavy summer rain helped me decide how…I’m not eager to be in photographs. I felt a little timid and wicked climbing a rock bare-assed in the morning light. I told myself this was for others and knew, before my toe touched water, this experience and expression was for me.  C.D.