Wauneata Waller - Organizer/Chair of Girlfriends Getaway in Bolton Landing for ten years. She has been a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils for 5 years, which has turned into a passion.  She enjoys sharing and educating people on the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Wauneata is certified in doTERRA's AromaTouch Technique, practices Symphony of the Cells, and has been a Certified Reiki Master for more than 15 years. Offering free monthly essential oil classes in Bolton Landing and throughout the year on Facebook. For more information or to be invited to a class: www.mydoterra.com/wwaller   -   EssentiallyLakeGeorge@gmail.com, 518-644-3880

Stephanie Berube has been a practitioner of yoga for the last decade. She became certified to teach in 2016 and founded Sasaphras Yoga, a traveling yoga studio that offers classes at several different locations in the Adirondacks. Her classes focus on the union of movement, breath, and intention with emphasis on safe alignment. Practicing yoga does not have to be limited to the mat and Stephanie tries to share a little peace, creativity, and loving intent with all of her students. Website

Gina Clemente ~ is certified Reiki Master Instructor who for more then 15 years has grown as a natural intuitive through the power of Reiki. By practicing a compassionate approach and extended sense perception Gina has become a skilled energy healer. Channeling the gift of Reiki, Gina guides clients in a journey within themselves, opening access to their own ability to heal & grow. 

Gina has taught hundreds men & women across America how to access this natural energy healing technique for their personal and professional use. 

Though blessed to have built a private practice in her hometown of Saratoga Springs NY, Gina loves to bring her passion of Reiki healing wherever it is needed. She's available to teach individually or group settings.  She is member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Visit her website: www.reikihealigwithgina.com or call Gina direct at (518) 791-6565.  Her motto: “Be kind. Have a loving approach and always choose faith over fear.”

Warren MacNaughton founded Adirondack Community Acupuncture in the Fall of 2010 after a year of service as a community acupuncturist with colleague Kevin Campopiano at The Acupuncture Studio.  Warren loved how the community model made acupuncture available to everyone and this compelled him to create a place where he could combine the benefits of community acupuncture with his specialty as a fertility acupuncturist.  Being an acupuncturist for CNY Fertility & Healing Arts in Latham, he has seen the power and success of combining the medical disciplines of East and West, and have also seen what a financial strain it can be for those on a fertility quest.  Warren's goal was to develop a space that could ease the financial strain for anyone seeking treatment and yet still provide the the same quality of treatment available in private settings.  The result of his vision and design is a two room layout at ADKCA, both of which function as communal rooms.  www.adkca.com


Cheryl Libutti is the founder and Lead Organizer at Pretty Neat Home Organizing, LLC.  Since 2015, she has been helping people become more at peace with their homes with an emphasis on kindness, encouragement, and non-judgment.  She assists clients with everything from paper management to garage clean outs, and specializes in closets, kitchens and pantry spaces.  She is a proud member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

Cheryl earned her MSW from University at Albany and was a practicing geriatric social worker for almost 7 years when she decided to stay home to raise her children.  She is married and has three children (ages 9, 13, and 17) in three different schools, which is an organizational challenge in itself.  Cheryl lives in Delmar, where she grew up, and enjoys being a Girl Scout leader and volunteering at her church. www.prettyneathome.com 

Sharon Burstein is one of America’s most in demand and respected motivational Leadership Image speakers and an award-winning author. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of people globally for more than 25 years inspiring and creating business and leadership images. Author of three award-winning books, Sharon has been recognized and received numerous National and International achievement awards. President-CEO of Sharon Burstein International consulting and speaking, her successful global career has included: owning and working with private and publically traded companies, International Marketing, Speaker, Manufacturer, Patent owner, Media Producer, and Educator. In 2016, Sharon founded the Leadership Summit America International Symposium and in 2017 launched the successful YOUniquely YOU! Putting Women First – The Power of Possible retreat for women of all ages and walks of life. sharonburstein@gmail.com - Website


Shawnee Black is an Intuitive Counselor, who works with clients across the globe. When she is not talking with people about their career goals, she loves talking about their love lives. Tonight’s presentation, “What’s love Got To Do With It?” will be informative and entertaining, with time for questions.  Come one and come all, single ladies, married ladies, and every chick in between.  Full of humor and insight, the room is guaranteed to be full of love and laughter! Shawnee.black@yahoo.com

Getaway in Bolton Landing

Kate Moss is a natural intuitive who has been reading tarot for over 30 years. She has a busy tarot business, Solidago Tarot. She reads for individuals in the Albany area and has read at many psychic fairs and events such as The Capital District Renaissance Festival, The  Masquerade’s Mad Hatter’s Ball, The Hudson Valley Hullabaloo, ScaryToga’s Parapalooza, Albany’s Larkfest and many corporate staff parties and events. Typical client feedback: "AMAZING...Dead-on accurate about what was going on, no ambiguity, great advice to correct a problem…. I am sincerely impressed! You need to check out her skills. My head is still reeling."

www.solidagotarot.com. You can also contact her at solidagotarot@gmail.com

Holly Maya Marek, BSN MS/MFT, Universal Life Minister. Holly's personal, professional and Spiritual path has taken her across country to practice Native Shamanic Journeys and across the globe to experience Tibetan Buddhist Culture. It is her passion to share what she has found to be strong hold stepping stones toward the goal of Awakened Consciousness and Enlightment. Focusing on Wellness - tnkhm@aol.com

Nina Sabra, DiHom,​ Professional Homeopath - After four years of helping people significantly improve their functional lives as a personal trainer, I began to realize that people have a much deeper sense of pain than that only in their muscles and joints. I spent an entire year contemplating how I could help people on a deeper level. Then I found Dr. Maria T. Bohle of the British Institute of Homeopathy. I became a patient of Maria's and at the same time enrolled in the Institute as a student. Homeopathy became the normal medical modality in my home. I felt homeopathy, I lived homeopathy, I studied and learned. Now I’m happy and excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience to help others (you!). For more information visit HIO Homeopathy at wellnessfrominsideout.com

Brenda Cary O'Brien ​is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Therapeutics Practitioner, Feng Shui Consultant, Transpersonal Counselor, and space clearer. She has been working in the healing arts since 1995, and her practice includes dowsing and entity removal. Recently published a well-being workbook called: The I Couldn't Care Less Handbook available on Amazon books. She has taught and lectured in Adirondack Community College, Bennington College, Key 2 Joy Community Wellness Center, The Art of Reiki in Troy, Massage at Saratoga, Adirondack Community Acupuncture, Saratoga Continuing Education, and the Caldwell, Johnsburg, and Mechanicville Public Libraries. Website - brenda4fengshui@gmail.com

Pauline O'Connell, Spiritual Medium, is a conduit for your loved ones in spirit. She is able to communicate with spirit and pass the messages on to you. Pauline has been able to communicate with spirit at a very early age. She has helped many find comfort with the loss of a family member and friends. Being a spiritual medium requires always being a student, learning from different teachers, attending workshops, and most importantly listening to the people in front of her. Pauline has been studying with ​International Medium Robert Brown, ​for many years. As a mentor and friend he has opened many doors for her including a recent demonstration in Laguna Hills, CA. In 2004 Pauline became a Reiki Practitioner through the study with Loretta Grabowski. Pauline currently resides in the Glens Falls area and her office is conveniently located minutes from downtown Glens Falls. Pauline will be offering private readings on Saturday, see her Friday after her demo or contact her in advance by email at spiritmediumpauline@gmail.com  - Facebook

Veronica Ross has always had a passion for plants. As far back as she can remember her father, now 98, would have her out in their vegetable and herb gardens, while her mom would cook farm to table before it was mainstream. Majoring in botany, her studies have taken her from Panama and Costa Rica to Africa and the Caribbean. Her time at the Bronx Zoo as the supervisor of tropical horticulture, gave her the opportunity to design tropical exhibits recreating the natural environment for their exotic animal collections.

Managing gardens and growing annuals and herbs have enabled Veronica to branch out on her own. Natural Surroundings North Inc. designs, creates and maintains heanging baskets, containers, and gardens for many local hotel, homeowners, and businesses. Workshops and a diverse array of plants are offered at the retail shop and greenhouse in Bolton Landing. Naturalsvr@gmail.com - naturalsurroundingsnorth.wordpress.com


Louis van Amstel, ​​Louis van Amstel has won 3 World Championships, has been nominated for an Emmy for his choreography, and is a professional of Dancing with the Stars of 10 seasons. He created LaBlast Fitness so that everyone, of all skill levels, could learn the true skill of dance. He believes that, “if you can clap it, you can dance it!” Join him for a LaBlast Fitness class during Girlfriends Getaway!  Website  - Facebook 

Cliff Madru is a 40 year veteran to drumming. He now makes the drums his life work. Cliff is the owner of 7th St. Creations and promotes wellness through hand drumming, music & lectures. He also teaches drumming through private instruction and performs locally with several musical groups.

Cliff feels that hand drumming is an uplifting and inspirational means of expressing and getting in touch with our inner self. He feels the best part of drumming with others is the positive energy that the group creates together. Cliff creates a safe, positive environment and truly enjoys bringing to people this captivating and therapeutic drumming experience. http://www.7thstcreations.com/

Melissa Clark is founder of The She Shift. Melissa offers products and services, to promote and empower women and the next generation of female leaders. Services include public relations, business consulting, speaking opportunities, empowering books, inspirational apparel, among other items. Melissa has 15 years of marketing experience and prides herself on being authentic and professionally relatable. With these attributes, she has established a strong network of connections and business relationships, in addition to a large social media following. In addition to Melissa’s marketing experience, she is a certified Reiki practitioner and is also an author, released her first children’s book in 2015, and released her book, The She Shift, along with three audio guides in 2018. Melissa is also a mentor for young women and entrepreneurs. She has a background in communications, fundraising and event planning.

Melissa is involved with several networking groups and has been named a “Woman of Distinction,” by Women of Distinction magazine and “Ms. New York, Woman of Achievement” for 2016, by the Woman of Achievement organization, in addition to receiving many other honors. Melissa’s passion and mission with The She Shift, is to inspire and empower other women and assist them in building their business and authentic self.  www.thesheshift.com - thesheshift@gmail.com - 
Facebook - Twitter


Ferial Youakim, Author, Speaker, Image Consultant - Ferial has spoken in more than a half dozen countries. She has presented on managing your own business with your own image in a positive way; educating people on the importance of self-worth; and helping people in unlocking their true beauty within themselves. Not only is Ferial an established and outstanding image consultant, she is also an inspiring author who wants to share her journey with the world in her new book, "Beyond Beauty: A Refugee's Journey in Pursuit of Happiness." Her Journey has been filled with trials and tribulations, but because of these obstacles she has found what it truly means to discover her self-worth. Ferial's mission is to make sure no one should ever feel less than they are worth. Website - Facebook

Andrea Maranville is a self taught baker who is an active food blogger, wholesale bakery business owner, motivational speaker and busy mom of four.  Andrea prides herself on creating and sharing real life recipes, tips and tricks for the home kitchen using seasonal and wholesome ingredients. Most recently Andrea was cast on ABC networks nationally televised show The Great American Baking Show – Holiday Edition. Andrea became a finalist on the show and ultimately placed as one of the top three amateur bakers in the country.  More information can be found on her page www.andreamaranville.com.  - Facebook

Beth Tiger has been a professional coach and public speaker for over 12 years, with the central idea of her work being that each person is diving being and already has what they seek within them. She loves creating opportunities for women to awaken to their incredible potential, but holds firm to the notion that she is merely a "doula" for those giving birth to their own miracles. Beth Tiger is Executive Director and Founder of  DURGA TREE INTERNATIONAL, an international anti-trafficking non-profit as well as owner of Angels at Lake Shore Gallery in Bolton Landing, NY. 
www.DurgaTreeInternational.org - www.bethtiger.com - www.angelsatlakeshore.com/

Amie Guyette Hall, "The Square Foot Gardening Health Coach" - “As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  As a teacher, I put YOUR hands into the garden and into YOUR kitchen.” Amie connects individuals, children and families to their food, their community and the land…one square foot at a time. A Certified Holistic Health Coach and member of the American Association of Drugless Practicioners (AADP), she is a 2007 Graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A grassroots activist, Amie combines her experience of food and cooking with her work as Education Director with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation.  She was personally mentored by its founder, Mel Bartholomew. Realizing the importance of expanded global reach, Amie led the way as visionary to help write, launch and teach their online instructor certification course. Her school’s mission to “create a ripple effect that improves the health and happiness of the world” goes hand in hand with the mission to “end world hunger.” Amie has been instrumental in creating school gardens strongly rooted to curriculum. She works closely with all ages and abilities, including Adults on the Autism Spectrum and Boy Scouts. Her love of the North Country finds her on Lake George in the Summer, and drawn to the trails at Gore Mountain in the Winter.  Amie lives in Fairfield, CT.  FromYourInsideout