​​FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2023

Sagamore Hotel, Lower Level - Dollar Island Room

​110 Sagamore Rd, Bolton Landing, NY

3:45PM - Registration

4:15PM  - Women's Self-Defense Expo
A demonstration on different techniques that can keep you safe under any circumstance! Come to this expo and learn more about a martial art/sport that is proven to be the best form of self-defense. Khadijah aka Dijah is an Attorney/Real Estate Developer who is a two-stripe brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Matt Secor. When she is not working on affordable housing projects in the cities of Amsterdam and Schenectady, she is training to get ready for jiu jitsu competitions.Khadijah Peek, Esq, Matt Secor Jiu Jitsu

5:00PM - Welcome Party - Shelving Rock Terrace - lower level

Cash bar,  hors d'oeuvres, entertainment by Stephanie Pratt - Facebook 

​7:00PM  - Dinner on your own. The Sagamore is offering 20% off at La Bella Vita and Mr. Brown's Pub.

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2023 - Conference Center - follow the covered walkway from the hotel

***Breakfast is on your own. No beverages or food will be available.***

8:00AM - Registration continues

All Classes/Presentations are 45 minutes long.

8:30AM - Choose One

​You Have the Power. Now is the Time.
This session offers attendees the opportunity to explore Numerology and learn how to use this simple, yet powerful, tool to create their very best lives. Using some simple math and easy-to-follow guide sheets, participants will leave this session with a better understanding of their greatest skills, their deeper life purpose, and their biggest dreams. By the end of the session, members will have some outlined strategies they can use to begin to realize some of their most important life goals. Joan Scannell

Natural Approaches to Women's Health 
Discover how you can live a life full of vitality. In this class we will discuss Seed Cycling and hormonal balance across the lifespan. Learn to improve your bone health, and overall wellness through exercise and yoga.
Dr. Sarah Avery, DPT, PYT, RYT-200 - In Motion Physical Therapy Moon Cycle Seed Co.

Zumba/Zumba Toning
Zumba®️, a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms to help improve cardiovascular fitness. Zumba Toning routines utilize light weights for increased resistance for target areas like arms, back and core. Instructors: Jennifer Islas and Jessica Perry

9:45AM - Choose One

Lyme Presentation

Have lyme or know someone that does? Come listen to Lyme specialist Warren MacNaughton, LAc as he talks about his own recovery from lyme without the use of antibiotics and shares tips on how to prevent and recover from the fastest growing disease in the world.

Warren MacNaughton – L.Ac – Adirondack Community Acupuncture www.adkca.com - 518-791-1779

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, a Chinese term meaning “Wind and Water” predates Confucianism and Taoism, and has been practiced for over 3000 years in China. It is based on the premise that people experience happier, healthier, more prosperous lives when their home and work environments are harmonious. As with human bodies, the “healthier” the bodies of our buildings are, the more they support us in living a rich, creative,

joyful existence. Ch’i is the Chinese word used to describe the natural energy of the Universe and permeates all things. It is constantly changing and connects every physical thing. Alive, connected and dynamic. Feng Shui views your home or workplace as a living entity that you are either in harmony with or in discordant partnership with. Rene Nielson, Interiors by Rene
saratogarene@gmail.com - 518-409-1835


Pound Fitness with a Seated Option
Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body POUND® workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix® - lightly weighted drumsticks - POUND® transforms drumming

into an incredibly fun and effective work-out. This class is designed for everyone. You will be given the option to stand on a mat, sit in a

chair or alternate between standing and chair-work -- whatever works best for you. There are 2 instructors for class, so you can see both options every track, every move. Most people do Pound Fit barefoot on a mat. You have the option to wear sneakers and/or socks. If you

own your own Ripstix®, bring them along with a mat. Otherwise, we have plenty. Looking forward to see you all again! If you own your own Ripstix®, bring them along! Noelle Stevens and JoAnn Dawes,ONE Fitness and Wellness, 6 Collins Drive, Queensbury NY

11:00AM - Choose One

SUPPRESSIVE – PALLIATIVE – CURATIVE ~ a homeopathic perspective
With so many medicines for so many illnesses, how do we know what is best for our personal health? Let’s take a look at what makes medicines suppressive, palliative or curative. Margo (Nina) looks forward to an interactive discussion with you about how homeopathically indicated medicines are the ONLY medicines able to produce a cure with the natural law of ‘Likes Cures Likes’ and how one can recognize

the curative action with Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure.- HIO Homeopathy,  Margo (Nina) Sabra, CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath, Certified Hijama Cupping Therapist, 1130 Hooper Ave, Toms River NJ 609-665-6691 - nsabra.cch@wellnessfrominsideout.com
www.wellnessfrominsideout.com  and at Facebook HIO Homeopathy

Four Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns and how to step beyond them to reconnect with your partner.
It is easy to fall in love however, it is not as easy to stay in love long-term. 

The founder of Relationship Life Therapy, Terry Real in his work with Couples has identified four main dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Most couples create a relationship cycle and sometimes they get stuck in repeating the same fight and playing the same role, no matter

what the problem is. When your partner triggers you, you may react using some of the skills you have learned in childhood growing up.

You either fight, shut down and leave, withdraw or you may anxiously pursue and try to fix things. When we repeat the same reactions,

we usually get the same outcomes. 

Knowing which of those styles you fit into is a powerful tool, which can help you start to respond differently and change you relationship dynamic. You can use this knowledge to shift your relationship cycle and feel closer and more connected. Joanna Terrelonge  Website

Nia is a dance class for everyBODY, regardless of age, health or fitness level. Using a system of 52 simple moves, the workout delivers

full-body conditioning leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Practiced barefoot, the routines are done to fun music, and allows participants to add in their own touch.  The perfect mind/body experience!
Emily Kutz  https://www.fitoutnutrition.com/


3-Course Lunch

Fashion Show

​Keynote Speaker - Cody Wasail, Founder of Soul Sprout & Soul Sprout Speaks. 
Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, Movement Medicine facilitor - Cody helps create a safe, joyful,

deep place for others to heal, grab a hold of their inspiration, learn new tools to help them up level in life and ignite the fire within

that calls to each and everyone of you. Cody brings to the stage a fire and energy that lights up any room and soul open to

transformation. Website

2:00PM - Choose One

​Dream Workshop - Rachel Magnell, Ph.D. to facilitate dream journeying with exercises designed to engage dream symbols.  Dreams contain wisdom beyond our conscious imagination, igniting potentials that elude us in our busy ordinary lives. They are intimately tied to our unique gifts, calling, purpose, and call to freedom.  Empower your daily practice with dream journeying for your personal unfolding toward wholeness. Participants will leave with enhanced curiosity, insight, and grounding.
Blessings, Rachel Magnell, Ph.D.
Spiritual Director, Consultant, Teacher, Coach
Kairos Center for Change

Lifestyle Medicine

Join Noelle Stevens, MD to explore the evidence for treating ourselves to better living through the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine – Activity, Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep, Relationships, Avoiding Risky Substances. Discover ways you can take small steps to feel healthier

right away. Noelle will be available to identify where you can seek support for your journey. Noelle,Stevens, MD, -
One Fitness and Wellness

​Tai Chi in Nature
Class begins with a 15 minute guided walk in silence, activating all of our senses, taking in the beauty of nature, and becoming grounded in our bodies.  Once we come to our “spot,” we will flow into a 30 minute Tai Chi routine, continuing to be one with our surroundings, and the beauty of the Adirondacks.  
** Note this class will end in a different location than it begins.  Plan accordingly.  Emily Kutz https://www.fitoutnutrition.com/

3:00PM - Choose One

​Chakra Alignment

​Specific sound frequencies that vibrate through the body will be used to balance the chakras. When the chakras are aligned through proper  balancing, your physical and spiritual self are healthier and more at peace. Balance your chakras and you will feel healthier, and more deeply at peace. Tina Maxwell, Tina's House of Healing​​

"Transition Tea", aka Meditation in a Cup!  I invite you to open yourself and surrender to an experience where a simple cup of tea  can serve as the catalyst for change, truly.  Part Ritual.  Part Soothing.  All Fun!  I will share how this intentional practice has blessed my own life.   An overview of the medicinal plants used will accompany this delight for the senses offering. Rev. Margo Mullein Nelson - ​website

MTY Yoga Class
This Medical Therapeutic Yoga class gently builds strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. This class is open to everyone and no experience is necessary.  All movements can be modified to suit your needs. Please bring your Yoga mat. Dr. Sarah Avery, DPT, PYT, RYT-200 - In Motion Physical Therapy Moon Cycle Seed Co.

4:00 - Visit our fabulous shops and restaurants in town. Check out your Welcome Bag for special offers. The Sagamore is offering 20% off dinner at both their restaurants.

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2023

10:30 - Noon SPIRIT OF THE DRUM - A drumming event that introduces you to the wonderful benefits of hand drumming. Today’s technology has proven that drumming actually helps our immune system and reduces stress. Each experience may be different. For some it is a very healing experience. For others It is spiritually uplifting, therapeutic or just plain fun. It has been said the drum knows your thoughts your feelings. It can make you laugh, make you cry or make you dance. “For me, it is therapy for my heart, healing to my soul.” Come share with me, the spirit of the drum. Drums are provided, no experience requried. Cliff has been drumming for 40 years. Website Bolton Landing Community Center at Conservation Park, 56 Edgecomb Pond Rd, Bolton Landing. A 3-mile drive from The Sagamore.

10:00, Noon, & 2;00 - The Morgan Cruise - Board at The Sagamore waterfront 15 minutes before scheduled time.

Enjoy a relaxing 1 1/2 hour cruise aboard a replicat 72 ft touring vessel, taking in some of the most scenic spots on Lake George. This cruise is complimentary to all hotel guests.

If you are not a guest you can purchase a ticket for $25 upon check out of your admission ticket. 

Sagamore Spa is offering 10% off treatments, call 518-743-6081 - please mention you are part of Girlfriends Getaway upon booking. You will receive a complimentary goodie bag. If you purchase $200 or more in Kerstin Florian products you will receive a full size Rejuvenenating 24-Hour Moisture Cream FREE.  websie

Sagamore Gift Shop - Emporium is offering 10% off.

Schedule and presenters are subject to change.