Conference Center

Saturday, May 12, 2018

8:00 - Registration continues at Conference Center - The Sagamore Resort - Coffee service and pastries while they last.

All workshops are 45 minutes long with the exception of the Wine Tasting which is from 2:30 to 4:00.

Throughout the Day, Herman Johnson will conduct 5-10 minute complimentary  "psychological acupuncture"  through tapping and visualization. "Come, sit in my chair, think three thoughts and relieve your stress or anxiety or fear or maybe even pain, you'll love the feeling." Herman Johnson,

8:30 (Choose One)

​Yoga Vinyasa Flow
Genlty wake your body up with breath and movement. You will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. Students awaken their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere. Perfect for all levels. Please bring a yoga mat, they will not be provided. – Amy Davis - 518-361-3564 

Good Vibrations​ 
Do you realize you are a powerful energy magnet? Join Reiki Energy Healer, Gina Clemente, and discover about your energy system and how you attract everything that comes to you! Gina will share inspirational talk, ideas and simple exercises you can apply every day to co-create your life in an easy and fun way! The imagination of your mind, your emotions & 17- 68 seconds are key in what you attract! Ooh and don’t forget to feel your gut, your heart and pay attention to your women’s intuition! (our secret superpower!) Learn how to feel your “energy frequency” and shift it because no matter what your going through in life you are ALWAYS able to tap into YOUR Good Vibrations! Visit Gina @ like her on Facebook @ Gina’s Reiki Healing & Education Center. Phone/text 518-791-6565

Working with Your Inner Child
The purpose of this workshop is to unleash the power of your subconscious mind by developing a close and trusting relationship. Your subconscious mind (inner child), maintains your physical health, holds all of your memories, both good and not so good, and is the seat of your emotions. Emotions and how we process them have a huge impact on our health. Creating a friendship and partnership with your inner child you can process stress better, manage your wellness, and be much happier. Keeping your inner child alive and well actually keeps you alive and well! Brenda Cary O'Brien -

9:45 (Choose One)

Shape: Interval based Dance Fitness.
Build strength, improve endurance and up the calorie burn with LaBlast Shape, the fiercely fun high-energy dance fitness format based on TV’s Dancing with the Stars that combines high and low impact cardio, Plyometric drills and muscle sculpting exercises all partner free. Louis van Amstel, world-renowned dancer, fitness expert and creator of LaBlast Fitness.

Herbs for Containers, Tasting and Creativity​
Sample some culinary herbs that you can easily add to your table. Experience the flavors of fresh herbs in simple recipes. Learn about herbs that can accentuate your containers. Easy to grow herbs that offer beauty with their flowers, structure and function to your garden. Discover uncommon herbs that may soon be your new favorites. The variety 'Evolvulus Blue My Mind'... might just do the same for you with true blue flowers and easy care. Create functional, decorative and meaningful items to use, share or give to someone special including preparing herbs to offer a taste of summer during the long winter months. Veronica Ross, Natural Surroundings North, Inc., 126 Valley Woods Rd, PO Box 884, Bolton Landing, NY 12814, 518-644-8964,

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Are you looking to ease stress and make life more manageable and balanced? Would you like to do this naturally? Learn some practical tips and how pure therapeutic grade essential oils can reduce these feelings effectively while supporting bodily systems. You will be well on your way to restoring balance in your life and overall well-being. Wauneata Waller, Wellness Advocate, doTERRA. 518-644-3880  –

11:00 (Choose One)

Burn the Floor Rhythm Class

We will be teaching an interactive free-partner class with focus on rhythm dances featuring Cha Cha, Swing, Samba and Salsa. Come and learn many interesting combinations with ease, feel the pulsating Latin rhythms, cut loose and let your personality shine with Janice Garong. Arthur Murray Dance Center 543 Broadway 2nd Floor Saratoga Springs,NY 12866 518.691.0432

How to Kick the Sugar Habit!
Michelle Calzada, Certified Holistic Health Coach, will help you learn how to kick the sugar habit without giving up sweetness, so you can experience a total transformation that gives you your best body, your best moods, and your best life ever. Discussion of main challenges, polarity of food, relaxation techniques, putting an end to the emotional roller coaster ride, solutions to kick sugar and key ingredients to make it last. -   -
Arbonne Independent Consultant 

Magic and Manifesting Using Tarot
Kate Moss has studied the occult for many years. Recently she has studied Strategic Sorcery with Jason Miller. Kate will lead a fun, interactive workshop on magic and manifesting using the tarot. She will provide short public tarot readings for volunteer audience members. This is a great opportunity to learn about using tarot to clarify and focus your life’s goals, as well as to sample Kate’s reading abilities. Please bring a small notebook and pen to this workshop. You can learn more about Kate at You can also contact Kate at


Lunch - 3 Course Lunch

Fashion Show  - MC, Bobby Dick with present an upbeat Fashion Show featuring the newest styles of the season from our local shops and boutiques.

​​Louis van Amstel - Special Guest Speaker, Louis is a world renowned dancer and creator of LaBlast Fitness.

1:00 - 2:30 - Wine Tasting, compliments of Adirondack Winery in Corridor. 

2:00 (Choose One)
Silk: Accessible Dance Fitness
Ease into fitness with LaBlast Silk, the dance fitness format based on TV’s Dancing with the Stars, that allows the new participant to gradually build strength and stamina with easy to follow, low impact partner free patterns. Louis van Amstel, world-renowned dancer, fitness expert and creator of LaBlast Fitness.

Planting Your Soul Seeds  

Using practical Soul Crafting techniques to grow and nurture your personal goals. In this workshop we will explore how you can utilize sacred everyday tools to plant seeds for personal growth this summer and joyously continue your divine journey to self love. Beth Tiger, Executive Director and Founder DURGA TREE INTERNATIONAL Let Freedom Reign, 973-461-6621 and owner of Angels at Lake Shore Gallery in Bolton Landing. - -

Bras 101​ - Jené Luciani has helped millions of women find the proper fitting foundations, through her national TV appearances, magazine articles, workshops and speaking engagements. Now, she helps the Girls Getaway gals with professional bra fit advice and tips, plus personalized one-on-one fittings and consultations. 

2:30​ ​to 4:00 (please note that due to the extended time you will not be able to attend any other afternoon sessions)  

Wine 101: Wine Sensory & Chocolate Pairing with Adirondack Winery
Join Sasha Pardy, Co-Owner of Adirondack Winery, as she guides you through a Wine Tasting and Pairing Experience like no other. Join your friends in this journey through wine discovery and enjoyment and get down to the basics of wine tasting, wine sensory perception, and wine and chocolate pairing. In this class, you will be guided through tasting five of Adirondack Winery’s award-winning New York wines, learn tips on how to get the most out of tasting any wine, how to tune into your senses to identify wine aromas and mouthfeel, and more. Three wines will also be paired with samples of delicious locally-made Barkeater Chocolates, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy discovering how the taste of a wine can change in accordance with the chocolate you’re tasting it with! This is not your typical stuffy wine tasting class, but rather a relaxed, casual & fun experience! Adirondack Winery wholeheartedly believes that the right wine for you can only be found by understanding and embracing your personal taste – this class will help you do that! - 518-668-WINE

3:15 (Choose One)

​Mindfulness Skills for Everyday Life
To be mindful is to wake up to the present moment. Mindfulness practice teaches us ways to return to the present moment, again and again with gentle awareness. It allows us to tune in more deeply to ourselves.​
How can Mindfulness practice impact quality of life? Here are some of the research-based benefits:
Reduces stress & anxiety levels

Improved memory and creativity
Increased attention span
Improved circulatory health
Improved sleep quality
Everyday life offers many opportunities to practice settling and grounding, even during our busiest days. In this workshop you will be introduced to mindfulness, learn 2 mindfulness skills and be guided through a meditation with breath and body awareness.

Melissa Wilson   -

Trade in Exhaustion, Overwhelm & Constant Seeking for: Energy, Calm & Clarity
Turning 50 and being in midlife is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of trading in your mom hat for granny panties.

NOW is the time to live life on your terms. Up until now you've lived life in a way that makes sense to others but not yourself. So it's only natural that at this time in life you begin asking...."Who am I ?" "What would make me feel happy and fulfilled?" Trust me you're not crazy, nor in a crisis AND let me show you that you're absolutely not alone on this path.

Participants will:
Discover the #1 strategy to easily conquer fatigue and truly enjoy each and every day.
Learn the secret formula to create lasting results and finally be able to take charge of the stress in their life.
Effortlessly identify the three obstacles that block the way to their fulfillment.

Anita Filbeck is a crowd pleasing, transformational speaker and breakout session leader who adds massive value with every life changing strategy she shares. For More information or to Book her for your next event:  518-588-5046

Beautiful Blends: A Juice & Smoothie Workshop
Tap into your inner goddess and be inspired to reclaim your health, find your food groove and super charge your every day, as we explore the quickest and easiest way to improve health with delicious, simple elixers.  Demo, tastings, recipes and tips for health to empower you to boost your energy and to live your best life.  Amie Guyette Hall, FromYourInsideout


Visit Downtown Bolton Landing for shopping and dining specials (check the menu's in your welcome bags)

6:30 - 8:30 

Uncork and Craft: Wine Glass Candles at Adirondack Winery Bolton Landing Tasting Room –  Visit Adirondack Winery’s brand new Tasting Room in downtown Bolton Landing for a fun night out with your girl friends.  Sip on a wine tasting flight and snack on a light food spread as you get in touch with your creative side!  Our friends from Wax n' Wix will be there to guide you through making your very own pair of wine glass candles! Pick from a selection of fun wax colors, arrange a unique pattern and then choose your favorite scent for your 2 candles that you get to take home with you! Plus, you’ll get to try seven of Adirondack Winery’s award winning New York wines, discover your new favorite wines under the guidance of our knowledgeable winery staff, and take a souvenir wine glass home with you! Seats are limited and typically sell out, so use your Girlfriend’s Getaway discount to get your tickets today!  Adirondack Winery Tasting Room, 4971 Lake Shore Drive, Bolton Landing NY -   4971 Lake Shore Dr., Bolton Landing.  Use this link to reserve your spot online.

An email is being mailed to you with the discount code to use when making your reservations. If for some reason you do not receive it you can contact us at 518-644-3831 for the code. 

9:00 - S'more's by the bonfire. Mountainview Lawn -  behind the Conference Center. This is open to all hotel guests, not exclusive to Girlfriends Weekend.

Sunday, May 14

9:00 - Morning Meditation at Angels at Lakeshore Gallery in Bolton. A short morning meditation will be offered by Beth Tiger. While there visit the amazing angel gallery and the unique gift shop. 

10:00 - 1:00

Discovering Your Spiritual Self - Come and spend the morning with Spirit Medium Pauline O'Connell. This Workshop will begin with a group meditation, followed by a question and answer discussion. After a short break, we will begin learning the tools of the trade using psychometry (the reading of imprints left on objects), pendulums (a tool used to connect with spirit and for making decisions) and some reflexology (pressure points that correspond to organs and parts of the body). We all have our own way of learning and you may be surprised at how much you already know; seeing how we are all spirit.  My goal is for you to leave the class feeling the beginning of your Spiritual Path. Water and energy bars will be available.

"Stay a couple more hours and hang with me, but your buying lunch...
Looking forward to a wonderful friendship." Spirit Medium Pauline O'Connell

11:00 (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A NEW TIME FROM WHEN WE FIRST PUBLISHED IT) - Cruise the lake aboard The Morgan at The Sagamore ($25 fee for non hotel guests) please arrive 15 minutes early and you must reserve space. You can do this when ordering tickets, just select hotel or non-hotel guest.

***The Sagamore Spa is offering 25% off treatments and products, please make appointments by calling 518-743-6081.

This schedule is subject to change, please come back and visit often and like us on Facebook for up to date information.





Getaway in Bolton Landing


Friday May 11, 2018

​3:30 - Registration at The Sagamore Resort - Main Hotel - Lower Level

4:00 - What's Love Got To Do With It?​ Shawnee Black is an Intuitive Counselor, who works with clients across the globe. When she is not talking with people about their career goals, she loves talking about their love lives. Tonight’s presentation, “What’s love Got To Do With It?” will be informative and entertaining, with time for questions. Come one and come all, single ladies, married ladies, and every chick in between. Full of humor and insight, the room is guaranteed to be full of love and laughter!

​4:45 - Medium Demonstration  with Pauline O'Connell, Spiritual Medium - Pauline is guided by your loved ones in spirit to give you a message of comfort and support. Even though all are not guaranteed a message, you may find your questions answered through a message given to someone else. It is also of great comfort to be in a room with like-minded people and to feel the love of those in spirit. You can also book a private session with Pauline over the weekend by contacting her in advance or see her after the demonstration. Visit Pauline on Facebook - Or make an appointment by email at

5:30 - Welcome Reception/Dance Party with fashion demos, door prizes, entertainment, complimentary hors d'oevuvres, and cash bar. Entertainment with DJ Bobby Dick and Susie Q and Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Saratoga Springs. Complimentary wine tasting at Adirondack Winery's table - you must redeem your tasting tickets found in the folder in your Welcome Bag. Adirondack Cotton Boutique will be offering olive oil tastings.

Take advantage of dinner specials at participating restaurants.