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The Sagamore - Main Hotel - Lower Level

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Friday May 12

​3:15 - Registration at The Sagamore Resort

3:45 - Be YOUniquely You! Discover your “Star” Power in Life With Sharon Burstein
Be YOUniquely You! Discover Your “Star” Power in Life, with Sharon Burstein, is high-energy engaging and interactive. There is only one YOU! Each of us has star power. We all shine in our own way. This fun power packed session will provide transformational tips to help you and your star power soar in life.

Sharon opens minds th/rough innovation to connect more effectively with who you are. Each of us has the ability and power to be a shining star to yourself and others. Rich in content, you will learn simple techniques to infuse into your life. Sharon motivates with her high energy, words, messages, ways to build greater confidence and tips to achieve greater “Star Power” and success in all aspects of your life by being YOUniquely you!

Elements include: Who are YOU? Unleash and discover the woman you are! Why is it important to be YOU!

It’s all about YOU, and how to create excellence with lasting impressions in your career, leadership and life. Sharon is captivating and her keynote session content life changing. - 518-339-4027

4:15 - Channeling Light - A conversation on The 6th Chakra as it pertains to Clarity. The practice of mindful discernment. Holly Maya Marek, Channeling Light Guidance 806-670-1136 

4:45 - Medium Demonstrationwith Pauline O'Connell, Spiritual Medium - Pauline is guided by your loved ones in spirit to give you a message of comfort and support. Even though all are not guaranteed a message, you may find your questions answered through a message given to someone else. It is also of great comfort to be in a room with like-minded people and to feel the love of those in spirit. You can also book a private session with Pauline over the weekend by contacting her in advance or see her after the demonstration. Visit Pauline on Facebook - Or make an appointment by email at

5:30 - Welcome Reception/Dance Party with fashion demos, door prizes, entertainment, complimentary hors d'oevuvres, and cash bar.

Take advantage of dinners specials at participating restaurants. 


Conference Center

Saturday, May 13​​

8:00 - Registration continues at Conference Center - The Sagamore Resort - Coffee service and pastries while they last.

8:30 (Choose One)


Sheila Goss Duerr is a yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga for over 25 years.  Sheila's classes focus on breath, inward focus and meditative movement in a relaxed and welcoming environment.  Classes integrate traditional hatha yoga  with a dynamic yoga flow designed to promote strength, flexibility and stability. Expect to breath deeply and maybe even giggle.  All levels are welcome.

Savoring the Moment: Strategies for Mindfulness 
In this anxiety filled world it is hard to be present. We constantly think about the future, what will happen tomorrow, next week, next year or the past...regretting mistakes we may have made, or opportunities missed. When you add in the electronic clutter of our devices and the media bombardment, quality of life diminishes.

Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, boost your immune system, reduce chronic pain, and even lower your blood pressure! There are simple steps that anyone can do to change their enjoyment and appreciation of life and improve their health.
Today is a gift...that is why we call it the present!
Brenda Cary Jenks - Facebook - Website


Essential Oils Forum: The Power of Experience
By now many of us have heard about essential oils. Whether it’s due to their undeniable presence on our social media, directly from trusted family and friends, or through the good ole (at times questionable) grapevine--one thing has become apparent: people. are. excited. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience for yourself what the rave is all about. In this participant directed forum, you will have the opportunity to: smell, touch, and even taste (!) high quality essential oils, absorb and share testimonials from real people whose lives have been changed by their use, and once and for all get clarity on those burning questions that have held you back from receiving their benefit. Come open and leave with a deepened understanding of essential oils and greater context for the positive impact they can have in your life. To submit questions early, or to continue the discussion contact 

8:45 to 11:45 - Complimentary Chair Massages by The Sagamore Spa. ​(gratuities are appreciated)

9:45 (Choose One)

LaBlast Fitness
Inspired by TV’s Dancing with the Stars, LaBlast Fitness is a music-driven, energizing dance-fitness class blending the true skill of ballroom dance with the calorie blasting properties of interval fitness. With LaBlast, everyone can learn to dance with our easy to follow format!  Mirror- ball worthy, fully choreographed routines to songs from all eras and genres keep you engaged and entertained while learning the Tango, Samba, Quickstep, and more. Looking for muscular strength? Dance the Viennese Waltz and Rumba with hand weights and watch your arms transform.  Need to boost your cardio endurance? Jive and Lindy Hop will easily get your heart pumping, hips twisting, and feet moving. Or maybe you just want to get up and dance! Relive the 70's with funky Disco and Hustle, or channel your inner drama queen with a powerful Paso Doble.  Move to the soundtrack of your life, the music you love to hear, in every single class.  Our unique multi-level learning approach makes LaBlast perfect for everyone, from the absolute beginner to the advanced dancer. It’s partner-free, high energy... And did we mention it’s really fun? Patty Brown & Emma Hans -  - Like us on Facebook

Feel the Energy of YOU! 
Through inspirational talk and some simple exercises come enjoy Reiki Energy Healer Gina Clemente share her stories and some wonderful ideas on how to connect with your “energy vortex” and stay out of others! 

Check in with your younger you and be inspired again by remembering you at 10, 18 and 22 when life was fun and the world was at your finger tips!  (Before work, kids, marriage and everyone else who is trying to latch on to you!)

No matter what stage you are in life you are ALWAYS the energy of YOU and you need to connect with her and connect often! Simply be “who you are! Not who you think you should be or who others want you to be! Visit Gina @ like her on Facebook or call 518-791-6565


Live a Deliciously Healthy Life!

Join me for a LIVE cooking demonstration where I will share with you deliciously healthy recipes that you can easily make at home.

Simply put, “Diets don’t work!”  Join me as we chat about how to develop healthy food habits, why “diets” do not work in real life and how to get started focusing on your goals.   I will share with you my best tips for organizing a kitchen pantry, my easy method for weekly meal planning, how to save money at the grocery store.  We will also discuss how positive mindset plays an important role in living an overall healthy lifestyle.   

Besides, “A party without cake, is just a meeting.” - Julia Child

Andrea Maranville, Diamond Beachbody Coach,  - 518-791-3469  - Facebook  - Sweet Life of A Baker - Blog

11:00 (Choose One)

Crystalline Guided Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs & Native Flute 
Come to this unique sound therapy meditation where you will relax, align your energy, and release emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks. Participants will receive a  beautiful quartz crystal and learn about its properties and how to program it with an intention for use during the meditation.  The calming tones of crystal singing bowls and gongs help to reinstate the natural sense of cellular balance and harmony and release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages.  We look forward to seeing you! Please bring a yoga mat or towel to lay on. Cheryl Beckmann & Daniel Roy

Purposeful Passionate Living 

This workshop will energize you and re-ignite a fire inside of you to bring forth what you truly desire.  We will get your oxygen flowing and go through a dream building exercise to bring your authentic vision to light.  We’ll then walk through the value of “primary foods” and explain how to get you from where you are today to where you want to be, and discuss how being more energized can get you there.  Good health impacts every area of our lives, so we’ll discuss how to take an integrative approach to a healthy lifestyle. If you want to experience more vitality, more flow and joy in your daily life, and have loving and fulfilling relationships, this session is perfect for you.  Tanya Porter is a Health Coach and Healthy Living Strategist.  Tanya can be reached by phone at (315) 681-3791 or by email at

The Joy of Chocolate
Raw & Real.  Decadent & Divine.  Soulful & Satisfying.  Organic & Orgasmic.  Explore the healthy world of guilt free, gluten-free, healthy chocolate.  Learn what to have in your pantry, how to easily mix up high end deliciousness and why this chocolate can boost your health & happiness.  As women of nature who nurture, we are doers and movers, shakers and makers who believe in the depth and ability of our girl power to improve our health, our family’s health and the health of the planet.  We are a "Sustainable Sisterhood" passionate about living a kind and loving life.  “The Square Foot Gardening Health Coach” aka “The Cacao Cowgirl” believes in the power of whole food.  Food as it is grown in nature, where nothing is altered or changed.  And, that includes chocolate.  Cacao.  Raw chocolate and the wide world of nuts, seeds, spices, oils and more that can help us live our best life.
“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates
Pointers and tips will empower you to DIY at home.  Includes demos, tastings & recipes.  Tap into your inner chocolate diva as we unveil the joy of chocolate. Amie Guyette Hall, CHHC, AADP - Square Foot Gardening Education Director - FromYourInsideOut - CacaoCowgirlChocolate


Lunch - 3 Course Lunch

Fashion Show  - featuring the spring/summer lines of our local shops and boutiques.

​​Easy Apparel Styling For Real Women With Image Maven Brandon DewyeaIs getting dressed in the morning a headache for you? Do you own many items yet struggle with knowing how to wear them? Do you feel self conscious about your body and feel at a loss as to what you should wear?

Often as women we tend to hide our bodies and dress just “good enough” to get by. Not everyday... we can have days where we feel magnificent, sexy and confident. Yet there are plenty of days that many women stress over how to dress their bodies and struggle to find what is indeed flattering. In this session you will learn useful tips that will enable you to look taller, younger and slimmer which can be applied to any women of any size!  “Be Yourself because an original is worth more than a copy” Unknown
Learn more about Brandon at:  /  /  518-336-0157

2:15 (Choose One)

LaBlast Line Dance
Country Line Dancing has been a favorite of many for decades. Are you ready to take traditional line dancing out of the saddle and onto the ballroom floor, while blasting it to a whole new level of fun and fitness? Then LaBlast Line Dance is for you! Easy-to-learn dances including Disco, Foxtrot, Samba, Paso Doble, and more get you moving to all four walls in no time at all. All dances are partner-free and can be done anywhere, making LaBlast Line Dance the next social dance revolution. Put a smile on your face and join the fun!​ Patty Brown & Emma Hans - Like us on Facebook - 

Natural Beauty Tips

Shannon Brown, owner of Reflection Salon and Boutique In Bolton Landing and Olenka Ciolko, makeup artist/stylist and Beautycounter consultant will be teaching you some great tricks of the trade that women can ACTUALLY do at home and how to look for safer and healthier products.!! We will cover various hair types, skin types, ages, troubleshooting, what TO do and NOT do with hair and makeup. You will leave feeling educated, empowered,and excited to try new looks and new products at home! Shannon Brown, Reflection Salon & Boutique - 518-644-4669   and Olenka Ciolko -

Foot Reflexology. What is it? What can it do for me?
Foot Reflexology concentrates on pressure points on the feet,  affecting specific parts and functions of the body.  A reflexologist uses micro movements to concentrate on precise areas. During a reflexology session, a client only needs to remove their shoes and socks.
Reflexology is great for diabetics, high blood pressure, anxiety, poor circulation, ADHD, muscle fatigue, pretty much an all around relaxation treatment for anyone.  Julie Dafoe - 315-725-2162

3:15 (Choose One)

Hoopyogini - A transformational fitness offering containing hula hooping, Hatha Yoga and mindfulness meditation. You will move your spine to its full range of motion through six flowing postures. This flow will improve posture, tone your core, calm your mind as well as uplift your body and your life. Anita Filbeck - 518-588-5046 - Radiance Hooping Facebook

Braving: The Journey to Sacred Wholehearted Entrepreneurship
Do you find that magic, mystery, play, and passion are missing from your life and business? Have you felt alone as you walk this path as a dreamer, change-maker, trailblazer, teacher, mentor, and/or soulful, feminine leader? Do you find yourself wondering if being an entrepreneur has to be so challenging? 

This Body-Centered leadership workshop will give you a place to be seen and heard as a leader among leaders. It will be a safe place for you to get clear on what you NEED right NOW.

Explore personal practices to ignite your flow of well being and creative energy. Identify areas of opportunity in your business and/or personal life 
Create a powerful vision for your life and business. Identify the agreements you have with both your core beliefs and limiting beliefs. Define your purpose. Surrender what you’ve been taught, and what you think you know about creating a business, allow your intuition to take hold so the greatest expression of yourself may be released.

We will dream,play, dance and sit in sacred circle to uncover who we desire to be as leaders. Braving the sacred and powerful practice of wholehearted business/living. You will be given tools that you can use in your everyday life to live from a place of integrity, authenticity and soulful leadership. We will walk together side by side as BRAVE warrior feminine leaders ready to transform our lives and step into our Brilliance!!!  Nicole Mastroianni - ​ - 518-285-0686 -​​ 

Heard of Acupuncture But Never Tried It? Ever wonder what it's about or why it's still practiced after 4,000 years?  Worried about whether those little needles hurt?  Take a glimpse of this ancient healing art form with acupuncturist/herbalist Warren MacNaughton.  Warren will explain the roots and basic tenants of this medicine and perform a demonstration on art least one member off the audience.  Find our how this holistic practice can help you improve your menstrual cycle and fertility, navigate the changes of menopause and find health on balance in a toxic world.
Warren MacNaughton, LAc - Adirondack Community Acupuncture - 518-791-1779, Adirondack Community Acupuncture 

8:00 - S'more's - behind the Conference Center

Sunday, May 14

9:00 - 10:15 
Vinyasa Power Flow - Find strength and solace in this 75 minute flow-based yoga class. Designed for all levels, modifications will ensure each practitioner finds their perfect balance of ease and effort. Please bring a mat, and towel, water will be provided. Instructor Jessica Rubin RYT 200 at

10:30 to 12:30 - Hike with Lake George Land Conservancy, offering a rewarding 270 degree vista overlooking Lake George. This is a moderate 2 mile hike. Water and snack bar will be offered. Directions will be providing, plenty of parking.

11:30 - Cruise the lake aboard The Morgan at The Sagamore ($25 fee for non hotel guests) please arrive 15 minutes early and you must reserve space. You can do this when ordering tickets, just select hotel or non-hotel guest.

***The Sagamore Spa is offering 25% off treatments and products, please make appointments by calling 518-743-6081.

This schedule is subject to change, please come back and visit often and like us on Facebook for up to date information.