Getaway in Bolton Landing


Friday May 10, 2019

​3:30 - Registration at The Sagamore Resort - Main Hotel - Lower Level

​4:00 - Keynote Speaker, Ferial Youakim - Let Your Passion Shine
Everyone deserves to stand out and shine—The 4 dimensions of success are the missing links for your personal and professional growth.  If you want to increase your confidence, build your business and bottom line, your poise and presence are the key factors to stand out shine.  

Your image is just like selecting a diamond; you need to consider the 4 c’s of image in order to shine. A diamond is Multi-Faceted and so is your image, so to shine you need to focus on Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat--but what that means in the image world is something very different. So, come along and join me to share with you the secrets to success. Ferial Youakim, Author - Beyond Beauty: A Refugee's Journey in Pursuit of Happiness.  

​4:45 - Medium Demonstration  with Pauline O'Connell, Spiritual Medium - Pauline is guided by your loved ones in spirit to give you a message of comfort and support. Even though all are not guaranteed a message, you may find your questions answered through a message given to someone else. It is also of great comfort to be in a room with like-minded people and to feel the love of those in spirit. You can also book a private session with Pauline over the weekend by contacting her in advance or see her after the demonstration. Make an appointment by email at

5:30 - Welcome Reception/Dance Party with fashion demos, entertainment, complimentary hors d'oevuvres, and cash bar. Entertainment with DJ Bobby Dick and Susie Q and Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Saratoga Springs. website

Take advantage of dinner specials at participating restaurants. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018 - Conference Center - The Sagamore Resort
8:00 - Registration continues at Conference Center - The Sagamore Resort - Coffee service and pastries while they last.

8:30 - 9:00 
KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Louis van Amstel - World renowned champion dancer and creator of LaBlast Fitness.

9:30 - 10:15​ (Attend One)
LaBlast Fitness​ - LaBlast® is a dance fitness program based on Ballroom Dancing partner-free and on all the dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars” – It is a full body workout including Cardio, Endurance, Weight Training, Interval Training, and Plyometrics and uses a wide variety of music in the program. Both classes during the Women's getaway are completely different! Be ready to sweat and have a great time expressing your inner Self.

Tillandsia, Succulents & Cacti - Explore the world of tiny plants and learn how easy it is to care for them. From the office to the kitchen and even the shower, learn how to use and appreciate the culinary and agricultural benefits of these little gems.
Veronica Ross, Natural Surroundings North, Inc., 126 Valley Woods Rd, PO Box 884, Bolton Landing, NY 12814, 518-644-8964, - Website

The Wisdom of our Women Folk - Weaving the past into our present to create a living legacy.  
Have you ever wondered why you do the same things every day, year or holiday? Have you ever wondered why you do the same things every day, year or holiday? Is there a specific ritual, activity or item you use to honor someone in your life? Are these tasks & habits nothing more then routines? So often we go through our days, years, special events, even holidays and don’t realize how ritual, magic and our female ancestors are playing an active integral part in these moments in our lives.

In this interactive presentation we will explore the gifts given to us by our Women Folk, the areas in which we feel a disconnection to our past and need releasing, habits that perhaps are keeping us connected to something painful or positive, as well as the living legacy that is our birthright to co-actively create from this awakened knowledge. Beth Tiger, Executive Director/Founder of Durga Tree International and Owner of Angels at Lake Shore Gallery - - -

Not Guilty! Excerpts from The I Couldn’t Care Less Handbook - One of the emotions that damages our well-being is guilt. In this workshop you will learn how to identify the many ways that guilt has been used to manipulate you and even how you have brought yourself down because of perceived guilt. Making better choices about who we believe and why can be freeing. Learning to navigate freely in your life without guilt can open all kinds of new opportunities for happiness and growth. Brenda Cary O'Brien - ​ -

10:45 - 11:30 (Attend One)
LaBlast Fitness - LaBlast® is a dance fitness program based on Ballroom Dancing partner-free and on all the dances you see on “Dancing with the Stars” – It is a full body workout including Cardio, Endurance, Weight Training, Interval Training, and Plyometrics and uses a wide variety of music in the program. Both classes during the Womens getaway are completely different! Be ready to sweat and have a great time expressing your inner Self.

Secrets to Organization - An Interactive Workshop - Join Professional Organizer Cheryl Libutti as we explore common questions about organizing your home and your life.  How do I get organized? How do I maintain it? Why is it so hard?  We’ll explore tips and tricks for organizing clothing, photos, closets, memorabilia and toys, along with the brain science behind organizing.  Proven systems for paper management will also be discussed.  The end of the workshop will have time to answer individual questions.

Being organized isn’t about having a picture-perfect home- it’s about focusing our energies to move forward towards what’s important in our lives without distractions. Join us to learn how to be your best self!​ -  - 518-300-3211

Spirtuality and You - A path to understanding spirits signs and symbols through mindfulness and meditation. Spirit Medium, Pauline 

Health & Wellness Alternatives - a homeopathic perspective - For more than 200 years, people have sought the benefits of homeopathy and have found it to be an effective option that has significantly improved the quality of their lives for chronic and acute ailments. These natural medicines have no side effects and act on a deeper level of healing by balancing the mind and emotions which leads to physical health. It is useful for babies, teens, adults, pregnant women, seniors, and pets. Come find out how I was led to homeopathy and how homeopathic medicines can benefit you and your family. For more information on Nina Sabra visit HIO Homeopathy at

11:45 to 1:00
Three-Course Lunch
Fashion Show  - MC, Bobby Dick will present an upbeat Fashion Show featuring the newest styles of the season from our local shops and boutiques. 

1:15 - 2:00 (Attend One)
Gentle Yoga: Stretch and Align - Begin with a brief meditation, then progress into some mindful movement with a focus on  safe alignment and connection with the breath. Class will end with a five minute relaxation. Great  for all levels! Please bring your yoga mat. Stephanie Berube, Sasafras Yoga   -

In the Kitchen with Andrea Maranville - Join Andrea Maranville, finalist on nationally televised ABC’s The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition.  Andrea will share with you and answers questions about her road to “The TENT” and being on a show that has reached over 4 million viewers nation wide as well as her experience being critiqued by Paul Hollywood, Sherry Yard.  Plus, you will not want to miss Andrea’s interactive food demonstration where she will share her favorite kitchen recipes, tricks and tips that you can use in your own home kitchen.  Bring a note book to take home any recipes and tips she shares with you.  As Julia Child said, “If you can read, you can cook.”  Facebook -

Essential Oil BINGO - Learn how you can safely use essential oils as natural solutions for you and your family's health, why you should be using them, and how to safely benefit from them while having fun. The average age for BINGO is now in the mid-30’s – so don’t think you are too young to play! Share in some laughs and win prizes along the way. Wauneata Wallerl, - 518-644-3880

Tarot and Science: Opposing Forces or Natural Partners? While the tarot can be used as a supernatural and magical system for divination, it can also be used by skeptics as a tool to explore our own unconscious motivations and to get surprising and original solutions to our own problems. In this workshop Kate will take us through the 7 steps of the scientific method as a framework to investigate a real-life question or problem in our own lives, using the tarot. Bring your own question/problem to work on, and a small notebook and pen. Cards will be provided. Kate Moss, Solidago Tarot - Facebook​ -

2:15 to 3:00 (Attend One)
STRONG by Zumba®  - Every beat has a move, every move has a beat! This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardiovascular  and plyometric training moves. Your instructor, Jennifer Islas, will take you through routines using plyometric moves (high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks) interchanged with isometric moves (lunges, planks and squats) and martial arts inspired moves (kicks and punches).
Every move is driven by a fun and motivating playlist, helping you make it to that last rep. This program was created by Zumba Fitness, but it is not a dance class!  Jennifer Islas - Facebook

Have Lyme or Know Someone That Does? Come listen to Lyme specialist, Warren MacNaughton, LAc, as he talks about his own recovery from Lyme without the use of antibiotics and shares tips on how to prevent and recover from the fastest growing disease in the world. Warren MacNaughton - LAc - Adirondack Community Acupuncture 518-791-1779

Wellness and Women’s Leadership – How Wellness and Leadership Coincide and Tips to Becoming a Great Female Leader
This presentation will offer information on how our work-life balance, wellness, confidence and leadership begins with ourselves and how we can apply our everyday practices to improve our lives, work culture and experience as well as advance in leadership positions.
Topics covered:  Leadership begins within us, Leading in our own lives, Facing internal challenges, Ways to be well, 

A woman of many shoes (work/life balance tips), Creating your own confidence, The “don’t” list, Becoming a leading lady 
This presentation will offer wellness tips, leadership advice, positive reinforcement, and confidence building, starting within yourself and utilizing your self-confidence and balanced life, to build your leadership skills. It will also offer information regarding workplace environment and how this affects us on a daily basis as well as information to support and encourage women in leadership roles or seeking to advance to a leadership role. Melissa Clark, Founder, The She Shift  - - - Facebook 
The Practice of Miracles Through Meditation - I am so excited to be back to connect with you. The Girlfriends Getaway has always proven to be a Spiritually exhilarating experience for me, and I hope to share that Joy with you! If your spirit calls, please join me for an inspirational session of sharing my version of the practices of Miracles, through the simple and easy habit of meditation (focus). Let me offer a somewhat new perspective on the actions of meditation. Let us FOCUS, FEEL and BE a place where Miracles reside and expand into realty. Shift from the "I can do this", to the "I AM DOING THIS!"  Holly Margaret Marek, BSN, MS, Metaphysical Practitioner and House Cleaner!


3:15 ​- 4:00 (Attend One)
Rise & Shine! Join Gina Clemente, Reiki Energy Teacher & Healer on "stepping inward and upward" creating a morning ritual. You will learn "how to" and "why" connect through meditation, gentle stretching, morning gratitude, mantras and your own energy to allow yourself to expand your potential each day! Rise each day with a clear mind, peaceful presence and connecting to "source energy" to co-create and shine in life! 

Visit Gina @ like her on Facebook - Phone/text 518-791-6565

Greens, Glorious Greens - Your Daily Greens are the foundation of a healthy eating jump start!  Adding greens to what you eat and drink is essential for creating health. Be inspired to improve your health, find your food groove and super charge your every day as we explore the quickest and easiest ways to promote health.  Get the skinny on greens and be inspired to easily grow cleansing, nutrient dense green veggies to support your inner rain forest.  Amie, a grass roots garden activist and health coach, gets you up close and personal with dark leafy greens, for healthy living, from your inside out. 
Amie Guyette Hall - FromYourInsideout

Leadership Success Secrets the Happiness Factor - Do you truly know and understand who you are? Do you know how happiness can build your success? Discover your fabulous qualities that make you wonderfully YOUniqiue! If you want to be a more effective leader in your career and life this this power packed session provides transformational tips to make your life soar. This high energy workshop will leave you smiling, a skip in your step and confidently ready to take on the world. Rediscover your sense of wonder. Learn simple techniques to infuse in your life that will help you create excellence and lasting impressions. Sharon motivates with high energy, words, messages, and strategies to build greater confidence and tips to achieve greater leadership success in all aspects of your life.  Sharon Burstein - America's Leadership Image Speaker, returns for her third time to Girlfriends Getaway Weekend. She can be found inspiring audiences, speaking around the globe helping people of all ages spanning all industries build their Leadership and achieve greater success in life.

Mushy, Gushy, Love Stuff
This mini-course is perfect for you if you are thinking about improving your love life! Spend some time with Shawnee Black, an Intuitive Counselor. Bring questions, be prepared for fun and entertaining guidance!

Visit Downtown Bolton Landing for shopping and dining specials (check the menu's in your welcome bags)

9:00 - S'more's by the bonfire. Mountainview Lawn -  behind the Conference Center. This is open to all hotel guests, not exclusive to Girlfriends Weekend.

Sunday, May 12

10:30 - Noon -
Spirit of the Drum - The Experience
- A drumming event that introduces you to the wonderful benefits of hand drumming. Today's technology has proven that drumming actually helps our immune system and reduces stress. Each experience may be different. For some it is a very healing experience. For others it is spiritually uplifting, therapeutic or just plain fun. It is said the drum knows your thoughts your feelings. It can make you laugh, make you cry or make you dance. Cliff Madru, 7th Street Creations - website  Please note that this session will be held at Bolton Landing Community Center at Conservation Park. A 5 minute drive from The Sagamore. Directions will be in your Welcome Bag.

11:00 - Cruise the lake aboard The Morgan at The Sagamore ($25 fee for non hotel guests) please arrive 15 minutes early and you must reserve space. You can do this when ordering tickets, just select hotel or non-hotel guest.

1:00 - Blessing and Releasing Ceremony, with Beth Tiger at Angels at Lakeshore Gallery.

***The Sagamore Spa is offering a discount on treatments, please make appointments by calling 518-743-6081.

This schedule is subject to change, please come back and visit often and like us on Facebook for up to date information.